Werner 22' MT1-22 Aluminum Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder On Sale, $99

Just a heads up, as I know some of y’all like this ladder:

Home Depot.com has Werner 22’ Aluminum Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder w/ 250 lb. Load Capacity (MT1-22) on sale for $99.98. Select free in-store pickup if stock permits.



Thanks WindowRescue, just ordered mine. I last one was beginning to come apart after year of use.

Thanks. Just picked one up.

Thanks for the heads up, I just picked one up.
Good grief, its heavy… but for $100 bucks cant complain.

Ugh. Can’t believe im saying this but thanks. I’m grabbing one tomorrow. Ugh.

For what it’s worth/heads up/save yourself a walk…
I picked mine up at 15/Coolidge…

After walking the entire store, I finally found it, they had their own display in the middle of nothing related.
Walk in go immediately far left.
(they have no ‘ladder’ section)

Did I mention how heavy it is?

This is a good ladder , I switch to the lg just for the 10lbs lighter . You’ll feel really safe on this ladder , very sturdy

40 lbs looks like. I just need one for the occasional stairway lightbulb replacement. It will stay in the shop for the bulk of its life. As it should.

Unrelated- you ever go to that shawarma place on Woodward just south of maple? Went there yesterday soooo good. The lamb :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Yeah, the stairway angle was my ‘thing’ as well. Also for some light fixture “while youre up there’s.”

For a hundred bucks, I just HAD to.

Since I was, shit, probably 18, Primos or Mountain King is the ‘goto’ for me.
It’s the closest I choose to get near downtown as possible… on leisure time.

Primos sucks now, since the “Pepperoni grease holding Pan fiasco”
(Buddy’s Primos and some others lost their pan supplier, a few years back
so the pizza is nowhere near what it used to be.)


i tried primos based on your recommendation awhile back. pretty good, i think it’s better than buddy’s. didn’t know about the pan situation- must be pizza insider info :grin:
but i’m not a huge fan of detroit style pizza anyway. you should try out that kebab place, i’m tellin you. right on woodward, easy in easy out.

Picked one up tonight. Returned it since the locking mechanism didn’t work. Opened up the second one in the store and it was good to go. Thanks for the heads up @WindowRescue

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