Werner 97-P

Is anyone using the 97p? I’m looking to buy one but I’m wondering if it’s worth it and where I can find a cheaper one. I’ve seen prices range from $160-$70. Haven’t found any reviews either.

What’s that?

A ladder standoff

Ah man, I thought Walther came out with something new called the P97. =(

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I’ve had one for about 12 years now. It’s on my 24’ that I don’t use a lot but nice to have when needed. Most everything I do my 20’ is fine, and if not my 28’ gets used. I’ve never used the deep stand off ability but most definitely have used the ability to span wider windows, allowing cleaning more comfortable and safer versus standing higher up on the ladder because you can only set below with a regular standoff. My feeling is anything that makes my job easier or safer is worth the $$