Wet pant leg?

I noticed that my right pant leg has ground in dirt from the mop going in and out of my boab. So decided I should probably fix that. Here’s my fix:

Used one of my microfibers and cut a couple of slits in it and ran a velcro loop through it. It keeps the dirt from getting on my leg but didn’t keep it dry. So I cut a piece of a geri pad and used it as backing. The water proof fabric faces the microfiber and the cotton side towards my leg (just preference). The pad doesn’t need to absorb water, the microfiber can absorb water all day long.

Yes, I know that a lot of guys don’t use a lot of water in their boab. But for route work, I load up my squirt bottle, soak my mop and go to work. A wet pant leg was traded for not having to carry the bucket. Now, I don’t have a wet leg!


Window cleaners must be engineers at heart. There are so many problems that we each address with our own solutions. Good on you for fixing the wet pant leg situation.


:grin: I was just thinking this!!

Side note:
Unfortunately, Jared’s brain is only by a slim margin smaller than his head.
Which, due to the compression of his brain, makes him unable to comprehend how a sponge works.

But that’s ok, we love him for his shortcomings as much as his insight.

I’ve seen one guy who had a huge plastic piece that he wore under his boab. I think WCR sells them. But I don’t like the idea of those because that means you’ll be dripping on a customer’s floor. The microfiber can absorb a ton of water and no drips.

You could use a shower curtain liner instead of a geri pad, just something to keep your leg dry.

It’s only been a few days since I added the liner and man, it’s great not having that wet leg. I just got used to it over the years.

It just doesn’t make sense to carry one, seems like it’d slow me down on route work. I keep saying you should do a video.

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Oh man…
I’m doing the daily ritual of washing my work clothes.

I’m actually laughing to myself,
because I literally dripped/poured the soap on “the dark spot” on my left pant leg.

And then I logged on to see this thread.

Or just be a bit more gentle putting the mop in your bucket. Idk little wet pant leg never much bothered me…unless it’s super cold …then I’m more careful :confused:

I do it on purpose when it’s hot…