Wet Sill Wiping Tool Preferance

What tool do you like to use to clear water from storefront window sills and why?

3 inch (or so…it’s custom made) squeegee.

First wc company I worked for trained me that way. I’ve never changed.

I use huck towels in residences.

A small squeegee is what the guys on the Advanced Window Cleaning DVD from England, that I like so much, like to use for their storefronts. I think All County Window Cleaning uses cloth towels based on some videos they posted on YouTube. Dr. Phil likes to use a chamois. I have been using sea sponges for many years because that is the way I was taught. So these other people have got me wondering about my sill wiping proceedure. I decided to start a new thread. It was supposed to be a pole but I must have pushed the wrong button.

I used an old scrim for years but now use a micro wipe. I feel that a cloth of some sort leaves less mess than a squeegee…it absorbs the water rather than “pushing” it onto the floor.

Natural sponge. It cleans up and soaks up a lot of water.

I use a chamois. When I was doing storefront I used a 6" squeegee to clear the sills onto my stripwasher.

Sometimes I will use a small squeegee. Most of the time I use a sea sponge that is cut down to about the size of a tennis ball. Residential I will use a towel.

Regular squeegee for the sillls and costco towels for the sides.

6" squeegee with Pulex rubber (hate it/using it up from years ago…) and/or yellow Costco microfiber towels (something like 3 dozen for 15 bucks) depending upon specific location.

Blue huck for the sills, and microfiber for window detailing

I use a synthetic chamois for residential sills and commercial interiors.

Commercial exterior sills or bottom frames I use a 6" squeegee.

I may shoot most of the water off of a sill with a squeegee but I always follow up with a towel if the ledge is below eye level. Makes um purty. I used to couldn’t spell professional…now I is one!

[I]“because glass looks it’s best when you can’t see it”[/I]

For commercial exteriors I usually use a 6" squeegee with used/old rubber in it.

Interior sills I’m using a terry towel but would like to try something different, something more absorbent.

I’ve thought about the sponge idea but I tried a synthetic sponge once and because of the speed in which I wiped the sill, the sponge pushed the water over the edge before it had a chance to soak it up so I’ve been reluctant to go out and buy sea sponges. Any vids people?

I’ve also been considering giving a chamois a go.

Hey Mark, Give the authentic sea sponge a try. The synthetic sponge does push the water before it picks it up. A sea sponge will hold more water, pick up water faster and leave a sill drier than a synthetic sponge. Some synthetic sponges are made to look like a sea sponge but they only look like a sea sponge. Not all sea sponges are the same. A good one will last and last. I use mine to clean the frames. I am able to place it between the end of my pole and the frame run it up the side across the top and down the other side. Takes some practice to get it down. I do use a short squeegee on my pole for transom ledges.

I’m with Runken - "I get the water off the sill with a squeegee but I always follow up with a towel below eye level "Also wipe the front of the sill. makes the difference.

Me too. If I’m bookin’ it, I’ll just use the squeegee I’m using the clean the windows (usually a Unger 22 ErgoTec) to clean the sill off. I’ll run the squeegee horizontally across to remove the bulk of the water, and then across the face to catch the water that drips. I follow up with a terry, I also run the terry along the bottom of the frame to prevent drips onto lower windows. Some water will hit the floor; I use a little bit more water then some - so I always use a towel and my pole as a mop. If the floor is carpeted, a different approach is needed.

Using the 22’ burns the rubber out fast. So generally I use a 3 inch Unger. I’ll go 3-6 windows and then come back and catch em all at once.

+1, but follow-up with MF I mentioned above.

Thanks Mike, I’m sold.

Maybe your next video will feature the tried and true authentic sea sponge. Maybe not. Keep in touch and let us know what you think.

6" old squeegee w/ old rubber followed up by quick microfiber wipe.

If i forgot my squeegee then I will just use my natural sea sponge and any absorbent towel. I feel naked without my sea sponge and I always have it in my outside ettore pouch.

today i used a broken ettore ( quick release is crushed ) on sills and it worked just fine.
never throw away old, broken tools because sometimes you can put them back to use.