WFP Attachments

Hi everyone, I have a Tucker WFP system with a Xero 40 ft pole. I would really love to be able to have something attached to help me when there is crap on the window that doesn’t come off on those windows, just like how I use steel wool or a razor on normal windows. Are there any ways to attach steel wool or a razor? I’ve been really frustrated with how my WFP system works at times since I can’t seem to get all the stuff off with just regular scrubbing. Anything I can buy or jerry-rig so that I can still get good results with it? I’ve searched on the forum but haven’t really come across anything yet, so I would love some advice. Thanks!

Is this what you are looking for?

A useful tool for sure but a serious PITA when it comes to changing out the pads. Some sort of velcro system would make it much more desireable.

I think this is what you are looking for. Steve O used it in his latest video. Think I’m going to order one.

Not as convenient as a two in one, but if you have a fixi clamp, load it with dish scrubbys. Cheap, won’t scratch easily, and effective.

I just bought one of these. I think this is going it be a nice tool in the tool box

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Is it just me, or does it look like those pads are cut just 1/4”-1/2” too small? I’d like to see them extending past the brush block, just a bit.

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I would them just cut the excess

I agree , but ya have the overhead sprayer to contend with. I have to see the clearance with the jets to know how much more pad can go past the end of the block

You can always buy the bigger pads an cut them down.

I found that the extremely thick pad, after a few windows, actually began to split in half creating to smaller pads. It was much easier to clean with after that, like high heels, it wasn’t as stable when thick.

Here is what we use too easy.