WFP Brush fan jets vs pencil jets?

A poor quality fan jet will have an erratic spray pattern.

very erratic. quite useless when that happens.

Hey guys,

I know this is a little off topic, but what is the difference between a monofilament brush and a nylon brush?

Nylon is a material that bristles are commonly made from.
Monofilament is a term used for a type of nylon bristle. Straight from one end to the other. (think Monofilament fishing line)
The other type of nylon bristle is ‘flocked’ This is different from a monofilament bristle in that the ends of the bristle are ‘shredded’ or softened. This is the end that touches the glass.

So a monofilament brush is a higher quality nylon brush?

No. mono-filament describes a style of nylon brush. flocked and mono-filament are both nylon just different styles.

Got it. Thanks Shawn and Tony.

I have one of your poles and brushes, how can I tell if they are the newer jets?
ps. they are the jet type