WFP Conversion Kit

Spring is right around the corner so I’m thinking about water fed poles. The conversion kit sold by WCR is for the cleaner that doesn’t want to spring for a real WFP.

I am using an Unger tele-plus 30ft pole now. I actually like it better than my Extel 21 foot fiberglass pole, because it is stiffer. What window washing poles are other guys using with the conversion kit? I have seen the Ettore 27 footer mentioned on a forum

Mike I believe that conversion kit will only really work with Unger poles… I could be mistaken, but I know it doesnt fit garelick, ettore, or mr longarm… Maybe sorbo.

I think you’re right. Now that you mentioned it … my Ettore pole diameter is to small.

Chris knows his stuff…Only Unger!