WFP Demo Friday 4/25 11AM

We are doing another FREE WFP Demo this friday at the WCR Warehouse this time with our new line of IPC Pulex Poles. The address is 47 State RT 94 Vernon NJ 07462. You can call the WCR Hotline:862 266 0677 for further details. Thanks!

[SIZE=1](New Unger HiFlo Advanced Pictured)[/SIZE]

Wow ~ you guys sure are generous with your time and resources.

I actually would have considered coming down if it was another weekend. This one’s locked up.


i would come but google maps said it would take 1 day and 19 hrs, 2909 miles and approx 595 dollars worth a regular unleaded:eek:. Sorry i cant make it.:smiley:

14 hours for me + taxi :smiley:

Hmmmm… 7.5 hour drive for me. Hey maybe we Canadian boys should pay Chris and Alex a visit sometime. Make a weekend trip out of it.