WFP drip marks

I posted a while back about my issues with water residue after WFP use, finally got a picture of what is going on.

No matter how much I scrub and rinse I still get this and end up having to go back by hand and re-clean the window. This wasn’t a one-off thing either, about 1/4 of the windows had it.

TDS was showing ‘0’ on two meters so ruled that out.

There’s a layer of glass above these. Do you leave enough “drip time” before going down to the next level or do you clean and rinse all of them at once?


if you do rows at a time to allow for drip/runoff time and still get this,

could be the foam or layer inbetween outside surface and glass that absorbs water and releases later. if you’re getting this all over the place, it’s likely the issue. perhaps too much shooting water right in those areas around glass edge, perhaps change angle to a lighter rinse (further away) or angles that rinse away from the edge without getting so much water lodged into edges of window

many times windows need to be “water pole conditioned”, a few services and finally all contaminates get rinsed out of problem areas. kind of looks like new paint, that can release stuff a couple services, just extend rinse time and make sure rinsing whole door as well

sometimes they never go away, you know where the issues will be and just have to address them at end of job every time, but i’ve never found that to be the case for more than a few windows on a job

Too hydrophobic or your not allowing enough drip time from the window above or since it’s such a skinny window your not rinsing it all because of the spacing of the brush

So I have to scrub and rinse the small windows, allow the water to run down fully then start on the middle section?? Yikes.


Yes, exactly. That takes too long? Then price accordingly.

Usually it’s easier when there’s a large volume of windows. Some buildings I do takes hours or even half a day for me to get back to the same window but on the next level down.

Or, follow the sun around the building and let the heat speed up the drying factor.

WFP 101

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Guess I was under the impression a ‘pure’ water scrub and rinse would have…pure water runoff. If I have to wait before doing lower windows then I don’t see the advantage.

When you guys use this thing as your main system on two story houses, how do you assure quality control? I’ve given mine quite a few chances and yet to see results on par with traditional methods.

No. You have to let the dripping water from the window above come to a stop …for a reasonable amount of time… before cleaning the window below.

Its not possible for that ledge on the window above to get 100% clean, even with 0 Tds water, it will always have some crap in there. So… you need to " let that rest " …

Let that above window rest, let it dribble, for as long as you reasonably can within the confines of this job, then scrub the window below it… maybe scrub the window next to it after that and then do your final rinse after that on the first window.

So basically I start and run around doing the top rows then, normally by the time I get back to where I started the water has stopped dripping, same with cut ups, its just part of the process its more walking but less work imo, Although I have found with a high flowing rinse bar you can sometimes get away with it. Not really work the risk though, I would prefer to clean things once.

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The runoff to the glass below will pick up dirt from the frame between the two panels, so you have to allow time for the drip off. However…if you also scrub the frame between the two you may have much better results and less time to wait for drippage.

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Run off time is key!
my main reason for use is safety. there are shops and trees around the nice homes here and i don’t want s prostate exam when coming down.
I typically only use this if I have cut UPS were working above 2 levels. On residential horesidential homes because of solar screens OA screens we just lot it up and knock them out that way. Here in Las Vegas we have to do extra Rensing and allow it to run off time because the heat causes the plastic to expand an often trapped dirty water under the edge that can drip afterwards. Big pain in the butt.

We just did a house with a 45° slope on large rock desert landscaping. stack ladder couldn’t safely manage it. if so, I would clean it faster by hand but it wasn’t safe. i have to rinse a lot but that’s the price you pay to go home to dinner sometimes.

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This will take 5 seconds to touch up with the WFP
So don’t put your pole away till you go back and check these windows. It’s that simple.
I clean it all top and bottom window, now the bottom window is clean , then the last thing I’ll do is touch up the bottom window which takes 5 seconds. If need be !!!
I see 2 windows in the pic only one has drip marks. Even if both had it’s a quick fix , and you don’t have to worry about drips agian once you touch it up.
This happens even without window over window . Had to redo 3 French doors and a DH today but all the other 45 windows where fine


I very rarely have any issues using wfp on two stories…used ist today on 1400 French Panes and two stories. Quality is the same if not better because I wash the frame too…of course if it’s a first clean in 20 years you have to switch strategies there. Ladder and tools come out for me…

What about fallout on the top 3" of the windows? The bronze pad doesn’t seem to phase it.

I tried using the pole yesterday and this is what I get.

There’s definitely something wrong here. I really need to start using the WFP and keep off ladders as covid screwed up my balance.

That is residue from the top area dripping down (assuming you are running low numbers on your filter).
Scrub and rinse that area well, then once the dripping has subsided go back and rinse just from the top edge of the glass down. Oxidized frames will leach drips down on the glass and it looks like that is what you are fighting.


yes, I had to learn this the hard way too, customer call backs. BUT, once you get it, the hard part is is wondering how long “drip time” is needed. Good luck and keep on keepin on!

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Thanks, I’m not used to cleaning frames, it’ll be a learning curve for sure.