Wfp for exterior gutter cleaning


I am planning on using a wfp to clean fourth storey gutters (exteriors)

i currently have a tucker pole but the brush is very soft. i would like to have a pole that i can change brushes easily so that i can have a specific harder brush for cleaning gutters and a seperate soft brush for windows.

any suggestions? what wfp would work best? or maybe i should be doing something completely different :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t risk the damage to my wfp. I definitely wouldn’t get gutter cleaner in one of my wfp brushes- it’s near impossible to rinse all of it out. Once you have used a brush for gutter cleaning it’s strictly a gutter cleaning brush.

Also, you need a very soft brush for gutters.

What he said.

thanks, so which wfp poles are the easiest to switch brushes?

and how would you rate the different brushes for softness level, or are they pretty much all the same?

Don’t waste your time

I’m sorry but I didn’t understand one of your four posts.

You stated “exterior gutters” are you gutter whiteing or cleaning out gutters? I wouldn’t use a WFP for gutter whitening. who know’s if the chems you use will ever completly come out of the brush. it spell’s disaster in my book.

what cemical to use on the exterior of white gutters I us simple green and elbow grease any better ideas.