WFP holder

So now that all of our trucks have WFPs I have been trying to come up with a good pole holder for them all. We had been using these PVC tubes, but the guys dont really seem to like using them so the poles are ending up in the back of the trucks. Im not to thrilled with that… So Im looking for a clever new design…

for those that WFP and work out of pick up trucks what are you using? I would love to hear about it or see some pics…

Try a gun rack. You can fling poles into them quickly, but the rubber coating means they’ll stay put, and, more importantly, stay off the bed floor. We found clips took too long and were fussy, so guys quit using them.

@Chris- do your trucks have caps on them? I saw one van setup where they had a set of roof racks suspended inside the cap. I adopted the idea for our vehicle, and it works out pretty smooth:

[MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION], what kind of vehicle? Element or Scion?

wrong alex :wink:

That’s a scion not a element but that’s a good idea for my element

Ain’t pretty, but…

Yeah, what he said :slight_smile:

I have a truck with a shell and I put clamps along the bed rail and rest the poles between the clamp and the side of the camper shell, works great.

I use the second clamp on this page… Quick Fist Rubber Clamps for Off Road, Racing, Fire Departments, Construction - Products

Some thick ply in the base of the flatbed can be raised off the floor with dividers going longways as high as you like. When you close & lock the flatbed truck door - it will lock the poles in as well. Just make sure it’s thick enough to walk on & also black-sheeted/waterproofed on top.

I like to keep it simple, $3 solution. Easy on, easy off. I roll up the pole hose on my hose reel but it can also be coiled up and secured with the excess tie length.

these are the mounts we use at the fire department - they work amazingly well… i have bought a few for my personal use as well for other uses along with holding my WFP
they make a crazy assortment of fastener products…
Positive Locking Brackets | Adjustable Mounts & Flex Mounts | Equipment Mounts | PAC Tool Mounts

they will try to tell you that you need to buy “thier” backing support in order for the product to work… but you don’t… there are 2 big holes for bolts on the product so you can attach it via bolt, or self tap screw…

also use these for a lot of smaller items

I installed something just like this in our newest van. I used galvanized pipe and the threaded mounts with 4 screw holes on each end. Then I wrapped each pipe with foam pipe insulation and some heavy duty black pipe wrap. I can carry all my wfp, Ettore poles, 4 step flip and light ladder & up to 4 ft wide screen doors for install and mush more up on top. I have 3 bars total and made it so that it would slope slighty backwards so that items would be less likely to slide forward when we hit the brakes.

Personally I have an enclosed van - so just load them in cardboard tubes.

I used some short sections of 6" pvc. I cut out a slice of the pipe length-wise, drilled a hole through the bottoms and then attached them using the bolts that my truck cap clamps use. i just added a washer inside the pvc to firm up the hold. works really good.<p>


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The PVC holder looks like a great idea. If you see my pic on pg 1, I put my poles on the sides, too.
And they fall, if I don’t stretch them to the right length.

  • I’m gonna [B]totally[/B] steal that idea!

It’s yours dude!

Btw, is that a pump box on the left side of your truck bed?

I wish. It’s pretty much just hiding the outbound hoses, and I needed something to attach the TDS to.

Alex what poles do you used and how are they working out?