WFP hose diameter

I’m about to set-up my rig to run two poles from just one DI tank. Right now, I run garden hose to my tank and 3/8" hose from my tank to my pole hose. I’d really like to run 3/8" hose to my tank and then 2, 3/8" hoses from my tank to the poles. Have any of you guys tried this? If so, did you lose any significant pressure/volume by losing the garden hose? I have some buddies around town who went to the smaller diameter hose all around but they’re only running one pole from it, not two.

The best way to run two poles is run 3/8 or 3/4 hose from DI tank to a splitter. Then make sure that both your poles have the same length hose. Other wise the shorter hose will get most of the pressure. Water takes the route of lest resistance. Also use small pencil gets for best results.

I would stick w/ the garden hose to the tank and then switch to 1/4" hose to the poles. As John said make sure both 1/4" lines are the same.

The advice about equal length hoses is good. I’d really like to get away from the garden hose though. Some of my jobs require 250’ of hose and my reels just won’t hold that much garden hose. Has anyone tried the combination I mentioned before?

How long is the hose coming from the tank to the pole.

I have 300’ of 3/8" hose from tank to pole right now.

If you drop to 3/8" hose to the tank I would worry about a loss of volume for the poles. Could you get by w/ 150 feet to the tank?

Did you ever give this a try? I am looking at 200’ of 1/2" hose for my supply hose to an RO system, which will flow into a tank. So pressure is important… but it’s not needed to get water all the way to the end of the pole.

Anyone know if 200’ of 1/2" hose would be a problem? Maybe 150’ of 5/8" hose is safer? Or is garden hose the only safe option…