WFP in the dark

I had to finish a handful of windows tonite after sunset. I wasn’t sure what else to do as I didn’t want to go back for a few windows so I just made sure I gave them a good scrub and rinse. Anyone else ever run into this problem? How did you deal w/ it?

Same as you Tony, a few more minutes on the job just to make sure. I’ve done a few in the dark but aided by streetlamps - not a problem as long as you can see the brush head.

I could see the brushhead OK and on a few windows interior lights helped.

I just finished one tonight - absolutely filthy. I go over with a porcupine scrubber & GG4 first then wfp off before the solution drys up. I also guarantee it will be spotless in the morning when its light.

You may want to try something like this to put on the end of your pole: -

Is that a bike light?! Good idea karlos!