WFP issues with ScreenMagic? - Hydrophobic?

I wanted to start a new thread addressing this issue. I confirmed this again today on another job. Same results.

The jury is out on this. Has anyone found that windows covered by screens treated in screen magic suddenly are hydrophobic? I WFP everything and the tops of all the doubles on this house I did today were fine, but all the bottoms are now hydrophobic. The screens were only on the bottom half. The windows without screens were all fine. I treated all the screens last spring with ScreenMagic and this was my first time back. I’ve used about 6 gallons to date, but am just coming back through for follow up cleans.


too early in the season?

I couldn’t say for certain that Screen Magic makes glass hydrophobic, even though we’ve used 100 gallons by now… but I can say that my guys love it and we don’t particularly care if it does make the glass hydrophobic. We use fan jets and the fact is that some windows are hydrophobic so we just wash them all the same and it doesn’t really matter to us.

I do! Who wants hydrophobic french panes all day. They take considerably longer to complete than before.

Even 20 minutes is a lot. [B]Just 20 extra minutes per house on 50% of our 200 homes means an extra weeks worth of work each year![/B] I’d rather have a weeks vacation!

Brennon, I used the Winsol screen cleaner and absolutely RUINED good wpole jobs with that stuff gumming up everything and once that was fixed, still hydrophobic to the max years later.

Screen Magic I wiped straight on the glass and then put water on and it was still hyrdophillic so that was good enough for me although I have not had a new job, used it and gone back with water pole yet.

Good mathemetician!

+1 on the vacation instead

Tim told me about that and it did the same thing for me. The window must have to be exposed to it over an extended period of time.

well if it ends up doing the hydrophobic thing too, that’ a shame.

that is the worst, seeing a french pane job end up hydrophobic. Fan jets for me take longer, there is nothing like a great piece of glass that just sheets, it’s so much quicker all the way around for sure.

thanks for the heads up Brennon, I’ll keep my eye on this one before I go all out using this stuff this spring.

Check out a job that you did last year with SM and let us know if you find the same thing.

It doesn’t take us even a second longer with fan jets :slight_smile:

That’s the point Curt! It’s not an issue when the windows are hydrophillic! That’s why these hydrophobic windows have me so irritated.

I’ve been doing french panes with WFP five days a week all season for 4 years now, so I know that hydrophobic french panes can easily add 30-45 minutes to my morning.

I guess I’m not following. My statement is that I pay no attention to whether windows are hydrophilic or hydrophobic because they take the same amount of time for us. I’m wondering-- do you only use pencil jets? Or does it still take a ton of time with fans for you?

I have pencil and fan jets on my brushes and fan jets are just as quick on hydrophilic glass as pencils, BUT [B]there is no way that hydrophobic glass rinses just was quickly and hydrophilic[/B]. No way!

Brennon, I assure you that I’m not questioning you. You are obviously very serious about this, and our experiences have been different. Reality is perception and I didn’t realize that it took longer to clean hydrophobic glass. It’s just been different in my experience and that’s why I was not understanding your frustration. I thought that if you used fan jets that you might experience the same efficiency we have enjoyed. I apologize if I came across as offensive, that was certainly not my intent.

No hurt feelings Curt. We’re friends.