Wfp kit?

does anyone sell just a simple kit to do residentials with id need around 30 ft of pole.
everytime i look at water fed stuff its so confusing.

help please on choosin something

I’ll bet Chris and Alex can set you up just right. A 30ft pole seems pretty big. Are you doing alot of stuff above 2 stories?

I’m sure they’ll customize this to your requirements:

Oh I forgot to mention Larry will probably have some good info as well.:smiley:

Oh, I do a little volunteer work for Chris/Alex, Shawn, Tom.

I’m not worried about that Jeff Cheesehead guy – he can take care of himself.

mostly just 20 ft 28ft and maybe some 32 ft ladder stuff.

im not ready to buy but next season i think i might give it a try

to save time on all these ladder sets would save me alotta time

Santiago when you are ready we will be able to help you out. If you see the image below, you can simply attach this brush to the end of any extension pole. You will just need some hose and a way to purify your water. We could set you up and running for less than $500. Let me know when your ready.

A 30 ft pole is not a bad idea for res. Many times in order to reach some windows you may need to stand away from the home. A longer pole will help you reach those tough to touch glass. I would also recommend you get a shorter pole for the lower windows 12ft is a good choice. You can run the top pole and have a guy follow behind with the lower floor. It will really cut down on the outside cleaning time.

Here is a video of the wfp conversion kit.

// Water Fed Pole Conversion Kit - YouTube

If you are going to buy a 30’ pole, i would not buy a fiberglass pole, to flimsy.

either buy a carbon fiber pole. If that is too much money for you then buy a tucker pole with a conversion adapter so you can us the uk brushes.

wow under $500 every time i look at water purifiers their like $1500- and up

why are those so expensive? with this kit you sell for under 500 is this a good enough kit to use all day long? on residentials.

Because it’s a DI Kit, not RO. RO is costly in the WFP world. RO, Pumps, carts, etc. RO combined with DI over the long run produces cheaper water. But the DI works just as good, as long as you have a good tds. With RO/DI it really don’t matter what your TDS is, the machine should produce next to perfect 0 water. The pole is perfect for res work, 18 ft is a great size to get your hands on.

Maybe, maybe not… You have to check your tds. I know in SO Cal Di regeneration is VERY cheap. It may be the same by you.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

ro,tdi,di i dont know what this means is there somewhere i can read up on this?