WFP near power lines

Is it osha prohibitive to utilize a WFP near aerial power lines?

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What is “near”?

Here in Québec, Canada it’s nothing within 15 feet.

I don’t know about OSHA but it is stupid…Local electric company came by and said I had to stop since
power lines were less than 10 feet away… I was stupid…


I consider myself a ‘die hard’ and will do pretty much anything within reason…

But there are occasions, where I think to myself… “no, we just cant do that one.”

  • my question is… why are they (power comapnies) ok with PUTTING lines there, and yet we arent allowed (with good reason) to GO UP there?
  • another typical example of window cleaners having to play the role of ‘the bad guy’ thru no fault of our own!!!