WFP on tinted windows-Boars Hair


I hear conflicting opinions on tinted windows using boars hair brush. Some say its 100% safe, some say stay away. Any ideas? or Concerns? Thanks in advance, im a rookie


It is quite unusual to find tint on the outside of the window…so boars hair brush on a wfp
is no problem…I have used a hand held boars hair brush inside on tint
without problems.

Something I did notice. After the windows dried they looked great. I didnt notice any scratching at least from a distance. I did notice the the higher windows at a angle had a little bit of a rainbow haze with the direction of the brush strokes. I asked some other any they thought that could have been residue soap from the previous cleaner. It didnt look like scractching merely a rainbow swear. maybe it just the nature of tint. Im assuming the tint on this job was on inside

maybe it was a rinse issue?

Are you sure the tint is on the outside of the glass? I tend to doubt it.

Im pretty sure it was on the inside. I didnt see any scratches when done. The windows got sure clear other than the couple with the rainbow haze

we have a few customers with tint on the outside. we use an unger car wash brush with a rinse bar if we notice.