WFP or Pressure Washing

I am looking to grow my business and I am trying to make a decision which route to go? I see huge advantages to wfp: speed, safety etc but I can also see the advantage of adding on pressure washing to increase revenue within the clients I currently service and increasing that client base with an additional service. But I currently only do one or the other due to expense. Any thoughts?

If you can get afford a 8gpm pressure washer hot or cold I would add that service.

So anything less would not be worth it? I was thinking of a 4gpm to get into it.

My experience pumps rated at 3.5-5 were all the same. Made money with them. But in its second year of use things broke down left and right. Causing jobs to get delayed, costly repairs, wasted time.

Could you mount your 4 gpm to a trailer? We couldn’t or didn’t and the processes of unloading the gear - set up - complete job - tear down - pack in vehicle - unpack at shop was inefficient

I have a trailer I could convert to a pressure washing trailer if I went that way

stay away from home depot and lowes equipment, get a quality professional rig and some training on how to use it

4 gpm is fine to get started on residential, we still run 4 gpm machines.

Get a pressure washer!

I’m all about increasing speed and efficiency but pw is easier work and more profitable in my experience.

PW, although WFP is awesome, your still only doing windows, the PW will open you open a whole new customer base, which =$$$

Thanks for the input everyone for those that do PW now do you have a set up on your truck or do u haul a trailer with the set up?

We like to keep our trucks empty in case or running around so we pull a trailer. Pressure washer and wfp all installed inside. We use a company called pressure pros and they custom build machines for reasonable prices. Our machine is a 4gpm minimum. Your gpm matters but 4gpm and above will do. We have a 20hp honda motor with a car wash cat pump. Paid 1895 with shipping. This is our 7th year with this machine. Hd or lowes machines we were burning up every 6 months but we do prob 7-10 pw daily. Buy a good machine youll make your money back quickly. Also with a 20hp motor and good pump you can have upto 300ft of pressure line which comes in handy when you mount it

I have a 4000 psi John Deere that I have been happy with for a couple years using it about twice a week as an add on service (costs around $1000). I did burn out a few cheapskate ones from Lowes (under $500 each) before I got this one. I just load it when I need it and garage it when I don’t.

I just keep it in the back of my truck when I’m using it everyday and put it in my garage when I’m not. A trailer is in the near future

100% you need both !

Do you get a lot of requests for pressure washing? Do you do houses mostly?

I do mostly house and I have had a few window jobs that called for estimates but didn’t want me to come out because no PW. Just a handful though .

Gotcha… I see your In Georgia… Big market there for PW… I would go that route before a wfp…