WFP worth it?!

Hello all! Hope your days warmer then mine

Question: is WFP system worth the money or just save my money and keep nose to glass and put money into other things?

I’m still in beginning of my business and just curious how many of you guys use them

Yes, it is. But if you’re just starting out I’d focus on getting a steady rhythm of work over getting a pole and purewater gear. What if you call it quits and you’ve invested good money on equipment you won’t use anymore? Just my 2 cents. We got a pole after 2 years, even though I wanted one early on.

But… if you insist, I’d get that 40’ phantom pole on sale for $750 and depending on your tds in your area, maybe you can get by with just di tank. I have a 26’ pole and if I were to buy another pole, it’d likely be 40’.


As a beginner? No way. You need to get traditional skills down first.

I haven’t used any sort of WFP system on residential in 22 years. I don’t know if companies around here aren’t using them right or what, but I’ve had numerous calls for me to ‘fix’ what they left behind. Typically they try to pole french thermals or something that isn’t flat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a WFP/deionized for some of the buildings over the years. The windows we have here just aren’t ideal for such a technique.


Yes, but don’t feel the need to break the bank on it. True, you need to learn traditional skills and recognize that wfp does not work on every application. But it’s a great tool for you to have.

Consider it this way - if you were starting out as a carpenter, would you buy a chop saw or an air compress with air tools? Or would you start out with a handsaw and a hammer only? Of course you would get some power tools. But you likely wouldn’t feel the need to go out and buy the most expensive, top of the line equipment. See, you’re looking to be balanced.

Likewise, get a quality 35’ wfp (xero or Gardiner in my opinion) for around 700 and a half cube DI tank. Put it into use and see where you go from there. Add in some basic accessories like brushes or extra hose. Total of about 1200 to get started.

I’m around 15 years in and bought my first set up 2 years ago. It has increased my safety, my production as well as my profit margin. Great tool to have and worth every penny. I wish I had invested sooner. But pricing and competition in the wfp market is as good as I’ve seen it. Take advantage.


Can do up to $400 and hour with 2 guys!
We water fed all outsides and i consider it a failure if i have to use a squeegee on the out side windows!
Way better then any ladder work and way more money!
Start off with an SimPoles | Water Fed Pole | WCR –


Thank you, my day yesterday was warmer than yours. It was 32F with wind of about 10MPH when I started my ladder work. Then it warmed up a degree and I had wet snow. While I was putting stuff away the hail fell. Then I did several hours of interior CCU to finish the day off in a warm and dry building.

I strongly recommend buying a WFP and a DI tank. Time and safety are huge factors. If you want your potential customers to believe in your business then you also need to believe in it and invest accordingly.


It was floating around 32 here today in Pittsburgh. Got through the day without alcohol fortunately! And I know the basics, fanning and pole work. Not Steve o or Luke good but not terrible either so I know that part of it but what about houses with screens? 80% of my houses have a d we do screens, so I gotta climb a ladder to get to those anyone, why not just clean it while I’m up there, wash screen and move on?

What do you guys do then with screens?

I’m sure you get numerous calls to fix what the squeegee guy left behind too.



I think it is, however there is a little bit of a learning curve to using them… I use it mainly on modern french type windows and on places of safety concerns.


It definitely is. But as others are saying, do your time learning traditional. I went 4 years before I invested in WFP, and was the best thing I ever did. But it is just a tool in the tool box. There is plenty of times I need nose to glass, and I’m glad I know all the tricks.


I will be more than happy to help you make a good decision on a wfp that is right for your business. As for screens they are removed from the inside when using a wfp.


Cracks me up when guys hate on WFP but forget Squeegee’s are a trained method of cleaning as well. Just like people think running a squeegee is cake they think the same as WFP. It’s a tool that takes time to learn as we all know. 18 years in the business and I’ll never regret adding to my tool box. But hey, if someone wants to break their back with ladders and have a higher risk work comp injury by sticking to traditional only skills… go for it. :grin:


Yes, get into WFP. Learn to use it proficiently on commercial and residential. Get your technical aspects down now and as you get busier it will be easier to stay with the growth.
Test your TDS to decide how big of a system you need to process water. Like a TV purchase never buy on the smaller end, you’ll regret it later. So I would suggest figure out what you need and bump it a notch.
There are many different types of systems out there, figure out what works best for you and your area, some guys like bringing their system to the site others like to process water and bring that instead. Many threads on here that will help you make a decision. All the best!

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Buddy, let me tell ya…absolutely.

Now I have been using a Tucker 24 or 26ft WFP for about 15 years. I would use it on jobs without filtration just to pre-clean or stick with squeegee. Two of my good friends who I grew up with started their own window cleaning businesses (Isn’t that awesome? We grew up on 3 different streets one after another back in 1992) and they did not know about WFP. I showed them (I don’t have filtration, I am an employee) and now they each have great WFPs, and DI tanks.

I went with them on some jobs, show them how to use it (Not the DI, that was a lesson to me). I could not believe it…some of these were first cleans and they come out better than you could squeegee by hand. NOW there are exceptions, regardless of what anybody may tell you-- WEATHER dictates all. If you are dealing with heavy salt spray, and it is blowing 25-30mph out of the east-- I don’t know if it will work (Salt will come back onto the window before it dries)

That being said, I was very impressed with just a simple DI tank. My friends agree, save yourself the trips to the massage therapist due to climbing those ladders. On MAINTENANCE cleans (Every 2-3 months)-- this is made for it. There is added expense compared to our regular method of squeegee and wand, but think of the time you save-- and your body you gave a break. That all adds up.

If you have accounts already on a regular basis, you might be able to justify going “all in” (I say that, but you can get a nice tucker aluminium pole that will do the job for 500 or so, and a DI tank for 300 or so? Add a hose and you hitting the ground running)

Good luck!

Made $210 in one hour with mine this weekend. Absolutely worth it!


You might want to see if you like and can live doing this trade before a pricey purchase; in my opinion. If you’ve got the funds and got the drive to stay in the trade, then heck buy it! FYI, traditional squeezing is used indoors in most situations… not a wfp :slight_smile:

This pic looks familiar😉