What a fantastic bunch you all are!

I just wanted to say how great the community is around this industry, I’ve only very recently started teaching myself the basics, practising at home and watching videos. Everyone here has such passion and a fantastic attitude towards one another, it’s very inspiring and wish I had discovered it sooner.

I’m currently inside in FX counting money all day, it can be fun but it’s never been my thing.

Now I can’t wait to get home to my sparkling windows just to clean them again…and again and again until they’re perfect.

Cheers from Sydney, Australia!


Haha, so cool.

Wait a couple years and your windows will be the worst on the block. You should see mine.



Haha yes I bet that’s not uncommon

LOL I cleaned my sliding glass door probably around a couple hundreds times a day when I first started just to learn the “S” technique. Practice makes perfect and now my house is dirtier than any other house I do now a days.

Yep that’s how my days off are going so far, Glass coffee table, Mirrors, windows…Heck I’m even at it in the shower.