What adapter for pro+ pole to new moerman handles?

I’m sure this has been covered but I couldn’t find it in a quick search. I’m thrilled with my new moerman super squeegee in every way except for the fact it doesn’t fit any of my ettore poles. Can someone steer me to the soloution that doesn’t include replacing all my poles?

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Replace just the tips? Duct tape around the existing cone to get better friction?

they are super loose and I don’t want to not be able to use my other stuff on them too. I was wondering if the old painter’s cork cone would be a good adapter? What have you guys used?

Doesnt Moerman have a pole tip?

If you’re handy, you can purchase Moerman pole tips and swap them on to your ettore poles. Just need a heat gun, and possibly some hose clamps if the plastic collar gets too warped.

polz n bladz thought maybe moermans angle adapter might fit on my reach poles. guess i eill have to order 1 and report back.

The moerman angle adapter fits onto most poles with a small hole going through both sides. It didn’t fit through my unger 12ft pole but I just chopped off the top and drilled a hole through it. Then i used the unger end tip that comes on and off.

You can Google “Moerman Universal Locking Cone”. They sell it from WCW in UK. Hopefully WCR can start carrying it soon. It’s compatible with Unger and Ettore poles, I believe.

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thank you seanktm I did some research and supposedly moerman pole tips will fit my poles. I will order some end of the week to confirm. I don’t mind drilling a hole and adding a spring clip or whatever. No damned hose clamps though. haha… for any of you watching this there is a supplier out of seattle that has some moerman stuff wcr doesn’t have. They also have scrim. lots of scrim