What adapter to get to connect Xero hose Gardiner V3

I have searched everywhere and can not find an answer to this question! I am buying a Gardiner V3 backpack, and I can tell the hose is not the same size as my xero hose, what adapter do I need to attach it? Need to know asap so I can get set up quickly.

Backpack sprayer with adapter

He is in Canada, but Mark at thewindowcleaningstore.com carries the fitting.

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Not sure if it’s the same size, I have the hudson, but it probably is.

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Well, I ordered the backpack, still don’t know exactly what I need :thinking:. Based on what info I could find, the external diameter was roughly the same as the xero hose, so I’m hoping that it fits in my push fit hose fittings (like the blue ones on that adaptor above). If anyone knows whether or not that is going to work please let me know, but I think my local hardware store will have the fittings I need regardless.

I imagine you’ll be able to piece together whatever you need at your local hardware store.

I have two brass fittings joined together to join my 3/8” wfp hose to the 3/16” pole tubing. A 3/8” barb x 1/4” mpt, and a 1/4” fpt x 3/16” barb. Works perfect.

You can also usually get a 3/16” piece of tubing onto a 1/4” barb if you heat the hose in boiling water, and lube up the barb fitting with a little dish soap. Might help to snip the barb fitting shorter by one or two segments.


Thanks for this Alex, I’m confident I can make it work!