What are you guys using to clean glass shower doors?

Run across many customers asking to have their glass shower door clean. Great up sell. What are you using? Any before and after pictures. Thank you

I’ve used Bioclean with great results.

I use Enduro shield from Home Depot in the cleaning section. Its a kit that comes with steel wool, cleaning solution and water treatment to make the water bead up. It costs $20 from Home Depot and I charge $69.00 for the shower treatment. The Dremel Versa is a hand held battery powered glass cleaning/ grout cleaner that works the best to get hard water stains out. If I use this I charge $79-$99 depending on how bad it’s stained. I have not had any customer complain about the price as of yet. The Dremel Versa is only $49.00 as well. Way worth it

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So I’m intrigued. What’s your process when doing this for a customer? For example, if I hired you to do this for my shower, do you show up with the full package, or broken down? I guess my thing is if a customer were to deduce that the kit only costs $20, they may feel ripped off? Maybe I’m overthinking it?

Well they can clean the windows themselves as well but don’t. To be honest with you I thought the same thing so I never brought the package in with me. The bottles are small and only two of them. I put them in my cargo pocket. I did have one customer ask to see what I was using but after I showed her the bottle and explained the process she was happy with everything. She had another smaller shower she wanted me to do after.

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It does take some time and pretty difficult to get the hard water stains out so they have all been good with me

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What exactly do you market it is?

Shower treatment. I haven’t advertised it yet. If I see they have glass shower doors I just ask them if they would like it done and give them my minimum charge price.

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Havent done many restorations in awhile but i use the mr hard water kit and seal the glass after. This one had been in over 18 yrs and took about 3 hrs prep/polish/seal start to finish. Total was $350. Felt really good when they were completely wowed and satisfied after. Restoration can be very rewarding when things go right haha.

I started with acids & abrasives and moved to polishing after a few yrs. Increased time but good results. Also i like not having to worry about protecting skin & other surfaces so much. Plus learning more about the after-effects of some of the harsher acids even though they can appear initially to produce a quick result makes polishing a good alternative.

With Mr Hard Water I calculated after 10 or so restoration jobs that I averaged about $5-10 per square ft depending on how deep the deposits or stains were and that included sealing. I charge more now but thats at least another reference.