What are your busiest months?

So far April, may, june, july was great and then everything else tanked… October is slowly going up but I’m not sure what November will be (we’re located in Canada so leaves fall end of October).

Is this normal? We do have some marketing out but maybe thats not enough? Need some words of wisdom and experience since we close operations in December and need money before that.

Thanks guys!


Seasonal ebb and flow is normal. You will learn what it is for your area over a time.
Here in Northern AZ, May June, October, November are the busiest. February and August, the slowest.


Hey fellow Canadian!

We have the same busy months as you. 60% of our work is done April-July, 20% in October.

We learned to just enjoy the down time and use it wisely.

Hang in there.

Thanks guys for answering!

Yeah it’s been super depressing since August. We’re really hoping November will be crazy busy.

Next year we’ll definitely plan more ahead!

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That’s exactly it! It takes a few rounds to see the pattern.

Now, that I think I got the hang of it, I actually really look forward to the down time because that’s when I work on equipment, market, refine our approach,… not to mention live life!


Word brother!

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Mid March - August is insane.

September is decent

October starts slow but gets better towards the end

November is insane again

December is a bonus round, whatever comes in comes in, but gutters help


we’re actually given alot of quotes out in the last couple of weeks for gutter cleaning… I wonder if those people too were just getting the quotes with the intent of booking for November when the leaves are gone… here’s hoping

My schedule in Alaska is similar to yours. Real busy April, May, June, July. Gets slow in August through mid-September, then busy until late October-early November when people are “chasing weather”.
My business provides other services, such as carpet cleaning and floor waxing, so I shift focus to them in the slower months.

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