What Are Your Customers Pain Points?

What’s your customers 3 biggest fears, frustrations, and anger points? If you don’t know how do you go about finding out, because I’ve tried talking to some customers not specifically about these things but like the reason for them purchasing, and they are kind of oblivious to their reasons for stuff.

Are you trying to be a masseuse or a window cleaner? Maybe some people like that get to know your customer approach. I like just getting the job done for them. I don’t need to know the story of why they want windows cleaned, only when do they want them done.

My customer’s biggest fear is we’ll do a bad job.
My customers biggest frustration is when we don’t show up on time.
My customers biggest anger is when we break something.

Don’t ask them what they’re worried about, just clean the windows and do a good job. They won’t be shy to let you know their problems if one comes up.

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The only reason I ask is for marketing. Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

Well you should have mentioned that in the first place!

You could definitely try to use some psychological methods to make your ad more appealing. I don’t really have any ideas for that. Maybe someone else will.

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Knowing why the customer is making a purchase is pertinent to making your product more appealing to customers in an effort to increase sales.

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Your on the right track. It depends on your market. Most customers want someone they feel can relate to them. This gives them the feeling that you understand their needs better over all. That’s why most didn’t answer your question. They don’t really know but they know when they see it kind of thing. That’s one reason it tends to be easier to close a sale if you give estimate in person or you have a good phone voice. Again it really depends on the market.

A few of the factors that tend to make a difference tend to be:


Reliable service (are you going to show up on time, are you going to keep the appt or reschedule etc.)

Efficient job time (time it takes to do the job)

Do you have a crew or not

Are you well known and trusted in the circle or community

Can they recommend you (some circles love to be the ones to have a guy to recommend for everything. The feel it gives them a certain status as the go to person. If you don’t impress they can’t recommend you and that’s a deal breaker for them)

This is not an exhaustive list but it’s a starting point. These are the few I can think of off the top of my head.

actually most unsatisfied customers don’t say anything they just switch businesses

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I really appreciate all of the points made, this’ll help me out!

I’ve tried looking at reviews for companies I don’t know in larger cities to see why customers don’t like a service provider etc. Something makes me think they don’t know how to articulate what exactly they don’t like about a service provider. I’ve got an appointment I’ve got to head out to but I want to continue this thought. If you guys have listened to or read Start With Why, the author says the part of the brain that controls emotions doesn’t control speech so it’s hard for people to put into words what, how, or why they feel something about a service provider.

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exactly. Because when making a purchase most people make an emotional decision not an intellectual one.

Don’t waste their time , keep them posted , mind your business and don’t act weird.

In other words

-Be on time
-good communication
-don’t judge

  • be professional

The reason I’m asking you guys is for the very reason you stated. I don’t want to act weird. Thanks for taking the time to post, and thank you for the bullet points.

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