What are your leave behind marketing items?

As I sit here in front the glow of my PC monitor the phone rang and I was just masterfully sold a marketing leave behind item. It is a pen on one side and a reversible screw driver on the other. Each side under a cap. Printed on it is the following.

Screw it up yourself or
call Best View Services
707 226-9814
my web site

I think that it’s clever to have the line, “Screw it up yourself” on a screw driver.

I was wondering what do you leave behind (other than a great job) to get remembered?

Thats funny… :slight_smile:

I have always wanted to do a little microfiber towel with our name and number on it. Encourage them to use it for fingerprints in between us being there.

We currently do these real thick refrigerator magnets… Kind of un original, but we’ve been doing it forever and it brings us in a good amount of work.

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I’ve used the fridge magnets myself the last few years. That pen/screw driver thing is cool.

Something that GlassRenu users have done in the past which I think could be awesome in Window Cleaning is to make up some static cling stickers (a la Jiffy Lube) that you would put on one or two of the windows that are primary windows (front window or rear slider) down in the corner. On the sticker you would put the date of the cleaning and when you recommend the next cleaning should be done. Since it is a static sticker they can remove it if they want, but more than likely they won’t notice it right away and when they do it may be time for another cleaning.

One GlassRenu user has used it in LA where the graffiti is really bad, and they put one in the corner and said it has lead to other jobs.

Unoriginal but it works! Nothing like seeing your magnets proudly displayed in their office. I have gotten tons of work from magnets alone. When I send a thank you letter I always leave a magnet and business card for them inside the envelope.

I like the idea for residential customers.

Kevin mentioned that technique in a video in the past. Further discussion at that time included the risk that a sticker left at a storefront or commercial location would be a negative due to frequency of cleaning issues.


I have the magnets too and also had the idea to do the microfiber towel. Is this a case of great minds thinking alike? Probably not being your making the big bucks compared to me but with your help I’m on my way.

How about private label spray foam cans? This has been mentioned often in the past.

I think I seen those at vista print before.

I’d be interested in finding out more on this if anyone has done the research on it, please let me know, like a breakdown of cost per can for a certain quantity. I don’t want to recreate the wheel here.

I do frig magnets too, people seem to like them and our number is always right there, dont have to look it up. The pen/screwdriver thing is a cute idea, a little more original than just a regular pen, how many people actually read their pens or know what companys name is on their calendar? I dont. I think customers like getting a little something free tho.

I had a friend give me a few of these. Business Card Letter Opener with Magnet | Trade Show Giveaways I like this idea and will be ordering more soon.

one of the high-rise companies i worked for had a philly newspaper photogapher follow all the hangers around and took awsome pictures.
the company had full access to all the pics and made the best lookin calender i’ve ever seen.(especialy cause i was in it.)the photographer also won a bunch of awards for her great pics.
my partner’s gonna make a nice residential one. i’ll throw em’ on the site when there done.

Yea. Refrigerator magnets…

I haven’t done this but I really have been thinking of doing it. I would like to leave people with sunglasses with company name and phone number on them. And just hand them to them when I leave and say your going to need these. Enjoy your windows.