What are your Pet Peeves

We all have little things that irk us on the job. What are yours?

Here are a few of mine:

*When a customers seeks you out to tell you that you missed a spot… on windows that haven’t been cleaned yet
*The “while you’re up there do you mind” customer
*Holly bushes and loropetalums
*When customers constantly remind you of something you spoke about multiple times prior to service
*Clutter in customers homes

Oh this is going to make me think…

When a customer points out a spot you missed…and it’s on the interior of the window that they “cleaned” and they only want exteriors done.


Might be the only thing I May consider a pet peeve


I love how they tell you how much to charge instead of asking how much less service would cost…

Pet hair in the tracks of sliding doors. Anything that my wfp hose gets snagged on. All the crap I carry in my truck, I have no idea how it gets there. Customers homes that smell bad. Yapping dogs. Window tracks with so much dirt in them you could grow tomatoes. CCU with sloppy painters and stucco guys.

Tangled wfp hose I think it the worst for me

While your up there

Realtors that waste my time

The people that call and say ‘ i JUST need an estimate ‘

Teenagers that wake up at noon , and can’t get into their room

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People. While I have realized like never before how important the people around us are and should be treasured, some treasure should remain not found. :rofl:

Here, in Colorado, there is a certain plant that is popular. When doing insides, that smell is what peeves me, since it causes a headache.

Conversely, a really good home cooked meal smell just ruins my day as now I am hungry for that dish!

Along the lines of WFP lines, I don’t like hoses that want to wrap around everything like a snake. I have one hose (for the screen cleaner) and one section of WFP hose (used only on long runs) that just drive me bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!