What benefits do you use most as aWCRA member?

So I’m thinking of joining for the printing discount and the fliers and the coupons. But I want to know what has been the biggest benefit of joining for you? The private forum sounds nice too. Any of the software been a help? Things like that.

We utilize the printing. That alone pays for itself the first time you make a decent size printing order.
I believe there is a discount on the customer factor.
We have used their templates for EDDM and postcards.


Yeah I figure 2 purchases of 10,000 fliers should cover it and that should give a decent return so it will be worth it to me. I hoping there are some other good aspects of it that people have benefitted from that I haven’t thought of.

Printing, the people that you meet, and the forum itself cost money to maintain so buy a membership.

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Even just the printing is more than enough to pay for the membership. Saved me over $400 on a business card order

Im with everyone else, the printing is amazing. Also the templates are good. This forum is worth the cost to help maintain it. Everything I do at some point is run through this site.

Send me a private message or give me a call. I’d love to walk you through the benefits or answer any questions you have to see if it’s right for you. The membership offers so much but like other posters have said, depending on your needs, people will utilize a few and that will cover the cost.

You can check out the printing service/discounts here: www.atcostprinting.com
Main membership site: www.thewcra.com
Members also get a 5% discount to our store which helps: www.shopwindowcleaner.com

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