What Browser Do You Use?

With the recent releases of IE9 and Firefox4 I thought I’d ask what browser everyone is using. If you click “other” could you please let me know what it is.

Also, why do you use the browser you use?


Firefox as well as Safari. I run Macs.

Mostly Firefox, but I have been using Safari to check my Gmail.
First it quit working correctly with FF so I started using Chrome to check it. Then Chrome bugged out on me. It will only load in basic HTML view.
It’s working so far in Safari. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I prefer FF for browsing.

That’s funny, you would think google would make sure their browser and their email system would play nice :slight_smile:

Have you checked out FF4? I had switched to chrome but now I think I’ll go back with this new release.

Love Firefox

I use Firefox on my Mac. I like the functionality and add on apps.

I use Safari on my ipad. That’s what browser is preinstalled on it.

I used to swear by Netscape, then I was using Opera. I liked that as well. Right now I’m just using IE8. Just don’t care too much either way, I guess.

Camino for the longest time. Now chrome.

I use Internet Explorer. Don’t know if it’s 8 or 9. It came with the laptop, along with Windows 7.0.
I hate Windows 7. It is supposed to be user friendly, but it eliminated Outlook Express, address book (among other things, I’m sure).
I think you have to go online to use Help, not sure off hand…

If I can, I want to go back to Windows XP. Sorry, I know you just wanted the browser, but I would like to see what you folks think of that.

I’m a chrome fan.

I’ll add some actual info here, good read : Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done

PC – Firefox (3.6.15 as we speak)

iPhone 4 – Safari

I tend to have a million tabs open, and chrome is the best for that. Plus, it’s just nice to be able to search through the address bar