What clips do you guys use for Christmas lights on Clay tile roofs?

Hey gang!

Finally jumping off the fence and joining the fray… First post!

I’m up to about 8 window jobs and 3 Christmas light jobs.
I love the Christmas lights!

What clips do you use for clay roofs? The clay tiles look like they are about an inch thick! The clips I picked up at Lowe’s don’t look like they’ll stretch that far.


I havent done any research on christmas light installs, and dont offer the service, but I believe those clips are designed to attach to rain gutters, not roof tiles…

There is a company that sells everything you need for installation business. I don’t know it off hand but if you google Christmas light installation you should be able to find it. Some guys here do it as a biz so they may have more advice.

so basically the two people that responded just wanted to see their names online. both of them basically say I dont know. Why did you bother to answer the post if you dont know. Might as well refer him to google.