What company do you use for Insurance? Why?

I’ve been working for a company for a while and now trying to get my own business started and looking for insurance. Looking for recommendations, of course.

I received a couple of quotes but they don’t offer insurance for three story homes. Looking for something basic that’ll cover three story homes and at least 4 story commercial.

Any help is appreciated!


Try her Jessi Price
CSC Insurance
4552 Route 51
Belle Vernon, PA 15012

I use josephdwalters.

Love your username. Morrissey fan, soccer fan, or both?

Progressive (well, their subsidiary companies) cover 3 stories. With 1M in coverage, they we’re still less than half the cost of some of the other well know companies.

Local agent, written through Liberty Mutual. Had JD Walters prior. They were good for us, but wouldn’t cover snow removal.

Thanks! I’ll look up their number and call for some info!

Haha Morrissey Fan. I’m surprised someone knew the reference.

Thanks for the Insurance suggestion. I’m going to call and get a quote.

Thanks @Jewbacca
I’ll call and see if I can find some info.

Sounds like quite a few folks use JD Walters. Definitely gonna call to get some info from them. I don’t think I’ll have the same snow issue here in San Diego :laughing: Thanks!

Question to all you guys… What everyone has to say about Hiscox Business Insurance??? General Liability with them is like $500.00/year. And I got quote with josephd walter as well, and it is like three time more??? Any pros and cos??? Any help to help on my decision is too much appreciated!!!

Joseph Walters is more like Custom Care. You get more coverage than just general liability. Especially if you are PW.

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