What dish soap do u use and why?

Well as the title suggests what dish soap do u currently use and for which particular reason?

I personally get some unconcentrated dish soap from my company.
(Ingredients: < 5% anionic Surfactants, nonionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, Perfume (Limonene), Perservatives ( Methylisothiazolinon, Methylchloroisotialiones), and colorant.
Those conservatives can cause allergies btw.

How would you rate it?

In a recent test of a german testing organization (Stiftung Warentest) unconcentrated dish soaps basically failed as well as all ecological ones (Ecover and such) winner was Pril Kraft Gel (Concentrate) and one concentrated dish soap brand of a discounter.
Mid range were products from Aldi and Lidl and Penny (Discounters)
13 scored a 4 or a D depending how grades go in ur country: Many discounter and grocery brands and also unconcentrated Pril as well as Palmolive.
Worst Ecover, Almawin uand Sodasan (All Ecological ones) and the two of Frosch a german brand

What was the test that these soaps failed? That they just don’t clean well?
Or some environmental thing? I use Glass Gleam / Dawn / and Moerman.
Why? because they do the job.

Dawn works fine for me. I have some Dawn 3X and 4X that I will also try this year.
I will try adding Glide by Sorbo this year to see if it makes any difference. I also spray TSP on really messy panes that are next to barbecue grills .
I was using Moerman soft more than 90% of the time until I switched to Wagtail High Flyer last spring. I haven’t decided what rubbers and squeegees to experiment with this year.

Pretty much everything. Cleaning. Enviroment. How it is for ur skin. Also weighted in how long it lasts you.

Most failed on their cleaning capability though.

Where on earth do you live?? I’ve never heard of any of those.

I just use Ultra Dawn, no reason to change.

I agree with dcbrock, but I don’t use Dawn. I use a combo of two different soaps. Why? Frick I don’t know. Guess the only thing that matters in my opinion is when the customers say “Wow :astonished:, thank you… here take my money”!

Im in germany. Dawn is sold under the name Fairy here.

But theres no 2 3 or 4 times concentrated editions. Just one concentrated one.

Nobody in the States sells the Zack Detergent here.

Do you have a distributor that sells overseas and speaks English?

Looks like most places online in Germany sell it for about 10 Eur for a 5 gallon jug.

Dont know of any, we get it from a reseller company 15 minutes from our company.
Like most cleaning services around us and even alot of our customers.

Used to use a little bit of 2 different soaps, sansco and something else for a while before that’s what I was taught, but when I found out that I could skip the 40-80 dollar a gallon soap and use Dawn instead I switched and never looked back. It would take an awful lot for me to ever switch back to buying expensive soap.

Hey I. First time I ever seen anyone here mention Sansco. That was my intro too back in 85. The chem they use kind of belongs to them. If anyone wants I will research it again. I stopped using cuz of price too. Was using with ammonia. Did leave a noticeable film however.


Dawn. The cheapest, but the best. Why? It works…and it’s what all the other kids are using. :yum: You have to find what works for you. Price, results. Perfumes, colorant equals film. Allergies? Don’t use it then. Experiment. Find what works and stay with it. Products are sold that cost pennies to make. The mark ups are enormous. The customer doesn’t care if I spend a buck and a half for a bottle of Dawn. They only care about the results. So…what gets the results you want or need? Who cares what does that? My product is clean glass at a profit. How I arrive at that is up to me.