What do guys tink about my flyer!

I’ve been browsing this website for few months now, and i want to tank all you guys here because i have learned a lot from you. I would also like to ask you for more help. Can you guys please take a look off my flyer and tell me what do you guys think.

Thank you for your help.

P.S If you think that’s the best flyer you’ve seen, you can use it for free:D


“Go cubs”

Is it possible for you to post it in another format? I couldn’t open it…

sorry, here is diferent file let me know if you can open it!!!

Thank you!!!

here is

go cubs

Theres a few typos smarin
family owned

Well… Im a BIG fan of the 20 window for XXX amount deal… It works!

I think you should raise the price a bit.

Also try it out with some different fonts… This one is a little hard to read.

Since the flier is written in English, you might want to fix all those typos. get someone well versed in the English language to help you during the creative process.

Regarding the special, what happens if they don’t have double hung windows or don’t know what a double hung window is? How about [B]X number of window-panes for X amount[/B]. This will cover all window styles probably except for French panes.

I would raise your prices too, maybe like $160.00 or $170.00

Thanks for your all input
sorry for the typos, i was so exited about my first flier i forgot to check the spelling.if you have more comments please keep them coming!!!

Thank you…
beautiful view

No Prob…

Hehe - especial -without the E at the front, I even do that!

well, if you are targeting white America with this, you need to make it not sound so Hispanic. (absolutely no offense is meant)

It reads a lot like it is from someone that is not well versed in our language. This may or may not be a problem depending on who you are targeting. Little things like this can destroy an ad.

I would make the offer stand out a little more than you do now. Maybe box it in a coupon dashed type of box. People automatically put value to a coupon.

just some thoughts…


None taken. :slight_smile:

Just try to Americanize tequila or fajitas, and there is gonna be a revolution!

Remember the Alamo? It was over some guy trying to tell Antonio López de Santa Anna that fajitas were just strip steak!

Viva Dynamo!

ha, that will never happen… however I make a mean chicken enchilada :smiley: