What do top high rise employees earn?

Seems High rise would be the highest earning category for a window cleaner

anyone familiar with what top high rise guys earn per hour or year?

Or if you are unfamiliar with high rise what have you seen top window cleaner employees in any category earn per hour or year?


My Operations Manager previously worked in High-Rise in NYC and he worked his way up to management in a very large company. So these numbers will be completely skewed as NYC is a different planet pretty much.

His guys were all union. I know he’s mentioned that the average was $95K/year and benefits ontop of that. This was probably 10-12 years ago at least.


So, like, $50k anywhere else (besides NJ)? :joy:

I wouldn’t say the skew is that intense. lol. Also benefits that were quite good, very little out of pocket. And this was 10+ years ago.

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When I first got into high rise here, I was on $13.50/hr back in 1999, by 2012 this was about $25/hr while the ground guys were on $22/hr. So it was about $3/hr more which is diddly squat, to where it became more profitable for the employee to not be on ropes as by that stage jobs were paid out a % so the more you got done the higher your hourly rate would be, on the ground its easy to earn more on a rope there is only so much you can do and so fast you can go with all the moving of set ups and exclusion zones and what not.

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