What do you charge Outlet Mall Store Fronts?

So we are looking to get into Outlet Malls and have NO IDEA how to charge. Let’s say a store has 8 large windows, 8 Small and two double doors. What do you charge for weekly exterior and once a month interior?

Do you charge per pane in most cases or how long it will take you? Do you move anything blocking the window on the interior?

Any and ALL input would help please.

Thank you guys.

How long have you been cleaning glass>?

Over 12 years

I would personally charge in the neighborhood of $32 for outsides with in/out of the doors. If it’s part of a mall your competition is probably going to be fierce. Depending on where it’s at I may go higher. $32 would be my lowest price. I also would really push for monthly cleaning. I know monthly doesn’t work out as well on paper but having the customer for years down the road is my main goal. I guess your state/city/area plays into this as well. My area is def. a once a month area.

$1 per side per window, minimum