What do you consider Small, Medium, Large, XL house? Sqft wise

I would like to put something up like this on my site or work from something like this. I figured large is 3,000 sqft not sure how to call the rest though. How do these prices compare to what you charge in your area?

Window Cleaning and Pressure Honolulu, Washing Hawaii I just redid my website. Cleared out all of the extra and simplified it to the max. Just waiting for feedback and editing from my old man.

Im also considering a groupon deal when i finally separate from the military and need to fill up my schedule.

Sell 20 coupons for 50% off exterior only window cleaning. Figure once i get there do the exteriors they will “splurge” on the interior as well… most people do after i show them what a complete cleaning looks like.

small under 2k
med 2-3k
large 3-5k
x large over 5k
Couldnt get those prices on a small or med home in my area. Too much competition. The rest looks in line for pricing though especially w/ screens and frames/tracks.

Couldnt get those prices on a small or med home in my area. Too much competition.

Sure you can.

I think you could bump your starting prices up a bit, (Prices) they may shock some customers, then others will think nothing of it. What kind of square footage are you dealing with there on the island (older homes with smaller sq. ft/newer or rebuilds that are huge)? I worked with a guy that lived on one of the islands about 10 years ago and told me the cost of groceries there and the prices were very high. How are most of the people that live there with their money?

I think that it would be good to define what a small, med, large and xtra large house is. The wording might be subjective.

Let me rephrase that then. Its not impossible but unlikely in our area to get, for example, 179 for a 1500 sqft home i/o. Assuming a typical house that size has approx 20 panes, your gonna charge 8.95 per pane? Really?I guess if you can really sell it by including the screen cleaning, tracks/frame cleaning, eco friendly soap, etc.
Referrals would be the easiest to convince, but new customers, at least for me over the past year are very much into price shopping.

thats about what i was thinking. Thanks for the advice. A lot of windows here are really mucked up with saltwater and red clay. I could charge those prices easy no problem. It’s what i charge right now just a little lower.

Debating on weather I should use this as a guideline for just myself or put it up on the website with the size parameters. I think that it would help me out because i’ve dont a quote for 400 jealousies and 30 casements… and when i quoted her she was thinking it would only be 300.

People are sometimes unrealistic and I think having a general guidline will help me get people past that initial shock or whatever it may be.

I saw a website that described small medium large and went on with Small being up to 20 windows, medium being 25-35 windows etc. Something like that.

Again, depends on your area, but we charge a $5-7 per [I]panel[/I] usually. And people don’t bat an eyelash when it is presented to them in the proper way( we’re insured, we do touch ups, money back guarantee, uniforms, screen cleaning, frame cleaning, free track waxing, etc…)

my minimum for work is 120 though. 89$ isnt really worth firing the engine up for a resi job… all things considered. I dont think 120 is unrealistic.

Do you realize that you have an [U]ad[/U] for a $500 window cleaning?
Think about that for a moment… five hundred dollars.

People who own “mansions” know what to expect. It’s pretty clear that the bigger the house the more it cost and most people dont live in mansions. that’s not my ad either it’s something im considering.