What do you do for a chemical tank?

Hey guys just wondering what your doing for a chemical tank. Thinking about adding a 30 gallon chemical tank to the mini rig. I’ve heard of people mixing the tank with powdered beach and water and injecting the other additives in down the line.

Thinking about putting it right in the middle to the two reels it should fit nice.


You need something like this Plastic-Mart - 35 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank. I have a 90 gallon tank I use for roof cleaning and house washing.

We use a 65 gal tank if your cleaning roofs this is probably the minimum size. Don’t know about powdered bleach really haven’t heard any good reviews about it’s use.

Powered bleach?? Post post a link please.

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Getting my idea’s from this guy.

SoftWash Roof & Exterior Cleaning Systems

AC Lockyer has some video’s where he talks about it. Plus he sales it.

AC maybe you can chime in a give me some ideas.

There was a severe hazing problem with the first batch of the powdered bleach that AC was involved with. It left a haze on the roof that required a special cleaning. (lots of posts on the PWI and RCIA forums). I don’t know if these issues have been corrected it was taken of the market until they had a fix.

Powdered bleach is actually Calcium Hypochlorite or powdered swimming pool chlorine.

Yea from what I read I dont think the powdered bleach thing was quite perfected… Maybe its fixed up now?

We have the same tank as Simply, we specifically use it for roof cleaning. Check a local tractor supply house thats where we got ours, you can get killed on shipping those things… there big!

Got this a Tractor Supply today. Thanks Chris. $99. Going to try to get it mounted today. Then work on the plumbing.

Looks good. I really think you should have went with a bigger tank tho. Mine is alomost 3 times that size and I still come up short.

You have over 100 gallons of chemical and you come up short on residential?

Have you cleaned a roof yet?

No roofs here. Just soft wash, driveways, fence, small stuff.

Oh…So this isnt for roof cleaning just house washes? Your good then! My bad.

You say it is for soft washing small stuff are you talking about using pressure washer or small 12v pump. If you are going to use 12v pump that tank is still to small to wash house or fence still going to need 65-100 gallon tank but if you are talking about pressure washing that tank will do you great. I use 25 gallon tank for my house wash down stream it.