What do you guys charge additional per pane for scraping and/or chem treatment?

We usually charge an additional $5 per pane to hit it once with the OneRestore with some wool. Adds about 3-5 min of time per pane. Wondering if it’s time to update these prices.

$10 per window to clean in and out, an additional $20 per window for hard water stain removal.

$30 per window in that case.

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Wow! Much more than I do…
How do you define “window”? I know everybody tends to do it a bit differently…some count a double hung as two. One large window can be bigger than a double hung, etc.
Just curious.

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A double hung, a casement, a whatever… Unless it’s a large window.

They are paying you for your expertise in removing the buildup in their window.

You may think that it only adds 3-5 min per pane but it saves your customers probably hours of research and figuring out for themselves how to remove the stains as well as scrubbing the window themselves with the solution lol…

I haven’t used OneRestore yet, only the biocleaner.

If I used OneRestore I’d probably charge $40 lol. $30 for the chemical and $10 for the window.

But hey that’s just me