What do you think of my website?

Hey guys,

I just got done putting together my new website and I was just looking for some critiquing or suggestions. It’s not much, but I did it all by myself and so I’m pretty proud.

I’m from the Houston area, so if you guys ever come across anyone looking for work, let me know!


nice job. you did ask for critique/suggestions so…

on my screen it does not adjust to width so at first i did not realize there was a right side column

the top left corner feels crowded.

i don’t understand: inside 35% of total bill etc.

design wise i don’t like the rounded corners on the text windows on the about you page.

good luck.

Nice color scheme…friendly faces, although I don’t know which one is you. (the guy with the window mop?) and you don’t say anything about the other guy.
I have to shift the page over to the left to read the whole page and I don’t like that.
Windows by Austin works, no need to add Window Cleaning.
Overall I don’t feel the boxes with text in them allow for good flow in reading.
The before and after pictures say Be and Af, that is, they don’t display correctly on my mac.
Personally I cringe at seeing those generic squeegee pics.

I like it

I’m the guy on the left! The one on the right is my brother (my temporary help for Christmas break) :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t look good on my big HD screen - - and it looks worse on my phone,…

Really sorry to say it - but before you worry about anything else you NEED to make it mobile responsive and easy to view no matter the screen size. If your site doesn’t pass the Google “Mobile Friendly” test then you get excluded from results from mobile devices - instantly cutting your web traffic to less than half.

Look into the bootstrap or skeleton frameworks if you want to stick with HTML - - or maybe consider switching to Wordpress & using a responsive theme…

Thank you for your response! I will take a look at the framework. I have disabled mobile version until I can sort it out. I’m sorry it doesn’t look good on your HD monitor. I guess iPhone pictures aren’t worthy.

No, it’s not the pictures. It’s the layout. I’ve included some notes if you’d like to make it better.

‘Window Cleaning - Windows By Austin - Baytown, Tx’ - www_windowsbyaustin_net.pdf (1.2 MB)


Yep - the photo quality is good,… the layout doesn’t work for screens bigger or smaller than the average desktop/ laptop though…

I actually think it’s the template I’m using isn’t cooperating when I enable mobile version. I have disabled the mobile version, so that everything will look as I have made it.

Jared! Thank you so much for doing this. I have taken a look at that PDF. You’re awesome.
I ended up repositioning my Thumbtack logo because my wife said it was way too far out. haha. I lined up my social media links on the side a lot better and have messed with the page width. Although, when I mess with the page width, I can never seem to have the scroll bar at the bottom to go away. Hmmm. I guess I’ll monkey with it a bit more.

I did end up adding a button where people can pay me online. So that’s pretty cool. I test it out this Saturday! Landed a $325 house. :smiley:

I DID IT! No more scroll bar at the bottom. It ended up being a blank Text Box in the background. Phew!

Since you asked I think in Texas they would say "it’s one hot mess"
but it can be fixed.
Ask yourself what is the goal of my website?

Who is targeted to women, men, residential or commercial?
Collect online leads?
Drive phone calls?
Is it easy to read and follow? Color choices, fonts…

Look at websites you like to visit and buy things from what is it about them that calls you to action? Imitate that

As you drill into what your website is supposed to do it will get cleaner, refined and be an awesome sales funnel

it’s A LOT better since you made those tweaks.

on a side note- since you are a small owner/operator company right now, i would play that up on the home page. emphasize that the owner of the company will be on every job- that appeals to some people, so might as well use it as a sales tool.

Disabling the mobile version fixed a few issues - - but it Kills your Google traffic. You’ll get listed in less than half of the relevant searches now.