What do you think of my window cleaning training so far

I love this Moerman combo, the liquidator is awesome at getting those corners. It has its own unique way of learning to master the use of the liquidator. I now regret getting a 6" Pulex channel and handle.


You’re coming along :smile:. One small point: you’re going to just smear the solution around the edges with the way you’re detailing. Especially going right across the bottom (where the most solution will collect) and then up the side with the same section of towel. Make sure to use a different section of towel with each wipe. And I always wipe the bottom part last.


Keep practicing use the full length of your squeegee Try different things. Try an bring the squeegee down all the way to the right bottom once you get to the right corner, then bring it back to the left middle were you started , an down to the left corner an finish out towards the right . All in one motion go slow like your doing.
You could finish out on the bottom with this way are go all the to the right

Start over off you mess up keep doing it till you get it. An practice that for a while

Hope this helps hard to explain with out showing in person

PS. I would lose the back flip. Strip washer in one hand squeegee in the other

Nothing wrong with the finished product. Just have to work in technique a little. IMHO

An like Alex says use the dry part of your rag with your fingers adjusting it to a dry part. There should be just a little detailing if any at all along the perimeter once done properly


To simplify what I just said. To much turning


Handle all four corners first the middle will take care of its self and definitely lose the backflip, its for pole work. The weight of the thing is going to ruin your arm

  1. Never start with the squeegee flat against an edge, you’ll pull water out and have streaks. Go in at an angle.

  2. Use the full squeegee, you’re only pulling a few inches every time so adjust your angle.

  3. Practice on a bigger window or a mirror - mop it and then just play with the water until it’s all gone. Just move it around and see how your squeegee acts. Don’t detail, don’t finish, just move the water until you’re comfortable making turns without hiccups.

  4. After you’re comfortable with the squeegee, look at making mountains. Go up, left, right and just sort of shape a happy little mountain with the water with the base of the mountain away from the corners and once the mountain is about squeegee high, close it out.

  5. Practice will be easier with a mop and squeegee separate.


I highly appreciate the advice and take each one in to consideration. Quick question, how many of you would say starting off and learning with a liquidator is a bad idea. I ask because I have been told from a couple of folks that a liquidator isn’t recommended to start off with.

Like I said, I love the liquidator. The reason I have the backflip, is because I couldn’t afford to spend on an individual T-bar. But I’m going to take it off to give it a try without the additional weight, because the channel and handle itself is REALLY light.

You can use whatever works for you. The backflip is a standby for me. I don’t use it clipped together at eye level however. Take it apart and use the scrubber in one hand and the squeegee in the other. I still don’t own Any other handle except my wagtail. Oh and spend the ten bucks on a scrim. That will help hugely on smears while detailing of you use a different finger for each wipe.


Hey Carlitos you are doing well, keep up the practicing and listen to the advice of the forum members.

Since you don’t have much money to spend on gear, just get a 3-4 microfiber towels from the dollar store and have them with you when you get a job. Focus on getting jobs now that you have some tools.

The Liquidator is an excellent tool. It is all I use now as a squeegee. i would not use the combo though, too much going on in the hand when agitating and squeegeeing.

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I thought someone said backflip. Sorry, yeah @Carlitos you really want two seperate tools. Anyone else know if that channel will fit a different handle and save this dude some money?

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When you can i highly suggest getting a unger ergotech. That thing saved my career


Well from my auto detailing experience, surgical towels or Huck towels works best when cleaning windows. Honestly with the liquidator it requires minimal detailing. I’m going to stick with the microfiber towels I already have and 5 LB of surgical towels I have as well. But going to keep mastering my technique, I need to slow down a bit, because I almost want to go fast already. But technique comes first and speed last!

I am definitely planning on building storefront routes first, to get some cash flow coming in. I have been tweaking around my business plan I have typed up already.

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Getting this handle is definitely part of my tool list in the future, but I set a budget and stick to it. I am pretty much broke, I am a college student with a huge goal of building my own Window Cleaning Company with other service adds on related to windows.

Carlitos you’ve gotten a lot of great advice from other forum members on technique so I’m not going to embark on that journey.
The one thing you need now are some business cards and get out there and start selling your service to the public. You have a squeegee a mop a bucket and a 8ft pole “correct.” Upgrading tools can be done later when you have the money.

Now get out there and get to work man, none of other stuff matters at the moment (all paper work,business stuff can be done between 9pm and 5am) when the sun’s up you should be pounding the pavement getting your hustle on until you see the sun sink into the horizon! (I understand your college student so take that into consideration) …but you get my point.

If you do not have cards at this moment you can have i believe 200-500 of them done for like $12 the same day at staples.

Good luck out there!


And don’t forget free online classifieds. I’m not sure about over there (Craigslist? Angie’s List?), but up here in Canada I get most of my business from a site called Kijiji. I don’t pay a single cent unless it gets really slow, then I’ll pay a few bucks for a top ad.

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from what i picked up on you arm is quite low and you seem to be using wrist action to turn the squeegee ,raise the arm, turn with the whole arm like a chicken dance motion or else your gonna get RSI in your wrist fast.

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If storefront is your plan. I would start practicing on bigger windows. Bigger squeegees would be ideal for storefronts. Minimum 24" with stick work. Start off with an 18" for hand work move up when you feel comfortable.

Huck towels are fine . They just don’t dry as fast as scrims , but you have 5 lbs so your good :grin:

Oh an get out there an start getting then all the stars don’t have to align up to get into the storefront game. Youll get better as you go.

All you need is a few sticks a few different size tools an away you go

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Actually, yes agreed. I use a Liquidator channel in the ergotech. Fantastic feel and weight. Effortless.