What do you think of this insurance? I have a picture of the insurance quote

Ok there is a picture below of the insurance quote that I got from state farm. It is a hell of a price but is this the right insurance I need for cleaning windows? Please let me know.

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That is very similar to my policy with Allied minus the personal property and that is definitely a very good price, I pay $600! I might have to call State Farm.

Ok that’s good to hear I just wasn’t too sure if the agent gave me the right policy or not:confused:. Looks like I got a good dang deal!!!

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I would say that’s pretty decent, but remember it will not cover you if you are responsible for doing something to the glass you clean. Like say, scratch it with a razor. Liability coverage is for accidents only, like your squeegee in your holster knocked over an expensive vase, or your ladder falls on your customers Lexus. Of course I hope none of those things happen to you :slight_smile:

Oh ya I know about that I’m going to see if I can get that part added to my policy let’s see hour much more it is.

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I tried to get a quote from state farm and the agent told me that state farm doesn’t cover window cleaners…She even called someone to verify it…so make sure this policy is for window cleaning or if you have an accident you wont be covered. Just Saying.

If its good for window cleaning, that is one heck of a price.

Bumping this for more info

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What State Farm Rep You Using? I Just Got A Similar Quote On Those Coverages Although They Said It Did Include Damage To The Glass But My Quote Was $2442 For The 1Mill Liabily Limit Per Year…


I know in California State Farm will write Business Liability policies but not Workman’s Comp policies.

okay so i just got my quote emailed to me and under business occupation it’s listed as “Janitorial Services”, does that sound right?

That is correct.

Be careful agents sometimes will get you a janitorial policy to save you money because the risk is spread out. Janitorial implies vacuuming etc…very low risk.
be certain that your policy is for window cleaning.

My quote was janitorial services but seems much higher at $2500, seems significantly more than what many of you all are paying…any ideas on that?