What do you use for Payroll? Need advice

Looking to hire one employee to do a less then $1000 route every month. What do you smaller companies use for payroll? Anyone use Quickbooks Intuit online payroll? Do you like it? If not what do you use?

the software on your desk idea is expensive. I am going with a payroll service.
I was going to go with Nebs… payweb, but I am switching to ADP payroll. www.adp.ca for Canada.
fair setup fee, and fair per payroll cost. They take care of all the other backend stuff.
With Quicken, there is a lot of monthly charges, and if you do something wrong, lots of fines. These guys are the pros, just put in the hours, and pay rate… voila, everything else is taken care of.
my .02c

Justin get a free quote from paychex

Thanks Chris got a qoute for $15 a month. Will give them a call tomorrow.