What do you want for Christmas?

My wife was asking me this question and I can’t really think of anything (within budget - that shorty 5.56 isn’t anywhere close to budget and that new springfield didn’t make it either).

But I do like the idea of a drone. When I was a kid I wanted a remote control helicopter because I wanted to put a couple of 22lr guns on it. I thought it would be awesome to hunt rabbits with. This was ages before tablet controlled video apps where you could track your target - this was in the long forgotten days of Atari and auto-stop cassette players.

Then I saw this and my childhood dream of a weaponized remote controlled death machine came back with happy memories.

[video=youtube_share;NL0zLHLMBVw]FPV Quadcopter - Gun CAM - YouTube

But of course if I got a drone, it would probably be more like this:

Whoa. Who forgot about atari?

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