What fittings and Hoses do you carry?

I’m deciding which hoses to carry. I am getting into WFP and Pressure Washing. What length of hoses should I get? Also do you carry around extra fittings/adapters and hoses in case the customers house has no garden hose or the fitting on the hose is leaking etc? If so what fittings and adapters should I get?
Im thinking of buying a quality short hose to hook into my wfp system/pressure washer even if the customer has a garden hose. Then just have a longer hose hooking in to my wfp/pressure wand. I just want the best clean water and best water flow possible.

I try to think of every bad sernario that could happen so I can prepare for them.


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I guess for me I’m lucky, here in Australia there has pretty much a standard connection that EVERY tap has, or if not is capable of fitting in a few seconds.

Most customers will use lower quality connectors or they will be aged or sun damaged so I always use my own hoses, these connectors I use from spigot to filter to hose reel where my 8mm hose is attached.

I would advise you buy the most expensive garden hose you can afford, preferably non kink at 100’ roll.

I carry a 50 foot Flexzilla for my WFP filtration system, a 6 ft flexzilla that goes from the pump to the filters, a second 50 foot for my power washer (when I take it), a 4 way water key (I’ve run into them on resi), a one to two way water splitter, a box of fittings for my WFP line, extra hose gaskets, and anything that might or could get broken on the job that you would need to fix on the spot.