What form do you use for routine customers?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone had examples of forms or a template for getting routine services?. For example a bi weekly service contract with a store front or like a quarterly service set up for a residential customer.

Just trying to secure some repeat customers.

Warmest Regards,

Paul J.

Hey Paul, if go to the business downloads section of this message board, there are some examples of all kinds of forms. All you have to do is submit one of your own (like a flyer or something, to gain access).
Hope this helps.

I started out with blank reciept pads and used as a reciept for cash payments. Mostly billed with quickbooks and there invoices are pretty customizable estimates are the same you can write up frequency prices and other variations. When I first started I used store bought est pads carbonless copys and I had a stamp made and just stamped our logo and phone number on there copy of the sheet. hope this is helpful

ya need to discover the little button up top that says “search”…you’ll be amazed to discover that 95% of what you’re asking is already discussed and answered.

I too started off with a reciept book. then custom recipets and invoices. then custom estimate sheets… go as you grow :smiley: