What form of marketing has generated more calls?

From Jan to Dec, what form of marketing has consistently generated more calls for you?

I know you put “paid” advertising. I only ‘do’ a local paper once a week, really just in case my clients loose my number, it costs peanuts.

But all my work comes from referrals & the sign writing on the van. I probably get a couple of calls a year from web related stuff & maybe one call a month from the paper.

HOA newsletter.

The reason for the poll is to determine if one is to commit a certain amount of dollars consistency to one form of advertising, what would it be?

llaczko, do you mind if I ask what you pay for this HOA newsletter? Is it just one or a whole bunch in different communities?

Just one at this time – over 4,000 homes; $12.00 per month (biz card for ~$30.00 per month.)

For me, fliers, direct mail and the internet. I will try a few other things this year, but they are in a “trial” stage and not really part of my set in stone plan.

Commitment is a problem all men have… lol

Hands down Direct Mail for us. We are doing 12-14 separate direct mail campaigns this year. I keep very strict track of where all our work comes from and to this point nothing has ever come close to Direct mail… It still works!

that is why it works

I’m actually surprised at the poll results. I thought flyers would compete for top spot. Since web site dominates at 41% there is certainly a need to not just have a site, but have it be a killer salesperson in your absence. It must be able to pretty much seal the deal for you!