What has been your response rate for door hangers?

What has been your response rate for door hangers? And what should I expect for a first time? Ii ordered about 5000 door hangers should I expect a one percent or lower response rate !?

Lotta factors but I get usually around 1%.

About 1% is what I use to get when I did door hangers.

Yes but what has been the closing rate?

Door hangers for roof cleaning have always been a consistent 2% response rate with usually around 50% close rate

The closing rate will very, It all depends on how you handle the calls and how well you react to ??'s form the clients and if you can close the deal.
Closing ratio varies from company to company so much it just depends,so that’s a hard ? to answer.

I built my business with flyers and put out a metric ton of them.

have not had a door hanger campaign do better than a 7/10ths of a point and never worse than half a point.

Every single one of them has generated profit though.

My close rate with flyers was 100%…you should be way up there to if you put a decent flyer that pre-qualifies your prospects.

5000 hangers is a lot. Worse case, you get 20-25 calls and its up to you to close them. As long as you price your service correctly that should keep you busy for a good

A skilled door hanger can put out 500 in less than 4 hours. If this is your first time you may have a hard time distributing more than 3 or 400 before you peter out.