What helped YOU get large commercial clients?

I’m familiar with going door to door for store fronts but I’d like to hear what helped you personally in getting low rises, large factories etc? I would love to make my 2020 goal getting more commercial buildings. I’ve heard having a stellar car and parking it in a key location is very effective. Also cold calling but… there’s got to be a better way :frowning:

There’s simply just cold calling and then there’s cold calling with a follow up system. Most of our commercial mid rise has come from walking in, establishing contact with the decision makers, and following up again and again and again… Literally at times for years… "keep on knocking…

A vehicle helps but make it unique… We roll up on two wheels and this works very well for us.


Commercial is harder won but can be well worth the trouble. If you’re ready to grow hire a salesperson and put them on straight commissions. They pay for themselves and you’ll probably be forced to hire employees to handle the additional growth. You’ll need the workers in place or very closely in place before going that route.

Locate locally owned operations first they tend to be easier to get into

Direct sales. That’s it.