What I need to start cleaning Windows in Minnesota

The steps I need to start s window cleaning business in MN I filed for federal and state tax I’d numbers I’m waiting on my LLC I have my insurance ready. But I need more info on workers comp info . Is there more legal steps I need to take?

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Hi, so just starting my company and just trying to figure out this tax stuff here! so i do have to charge sales tax for window cleaning? and how often do i have to pay on the taxes? please help

For sales tax depends in the state you live in. What state do you live in ? Maybe someone can help here

Sales tax I pay quarterly. Payroll tax I pay monthly

Best to hire an accountant . Open a business account you will show everythimg that goes in , an they will tax accordingly

I am in Minnesota


Do you collect state tax for window cleaning service in MN ??

This is why I am asking seeing if anyone knows anything about taxes on here because I do not

Let me make a suggestion since you have no tax experience hire someone who does, an accountant. It worth the time and money.

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i know i will probably have to hire an accountant, i just wanted to know what i had to pay for taxes or what kind or do i have to just wanted to know for myself that is all… i know everything else about a business just never had to do the tax stuff and i wanna learn

This is not the place to learn about taxes. Look on the IRS website. Also look at your state website and look up there tax codes.


Congratulations on the new business!

There are a couple of unknowns here, some of the answers really do depend on what type of company you are, sole proprietor, corp. I know you stated LLC but that actually doesn’t mean much when it comes to how your CPA intends to file your earnings.

We also don’t know if you have any employees, sell any product or will you be making purchases online.

So lets make some assumptions. Let’s assume you will be filing as a sole proprietor, you have no employees, you offer window cleaning services and nothing else and you will be buying some supplies via the internet.
As far as I know (you will want to speak with your state’s tax department to verify) Minnesota does not require sales tax be collected on services. So yea for you. However, I do believe they require you to pay sales tax on any items purchased online where sales tax was not collected. For example, you buy some squeegees online and you just pay the price+shipping and handling. I believe Minnesota requires you to pay the 6.875 % sales tax on that purchase. States are cracking down on this, so I don’t recommend thinking you can skirt this one. This can be monthly, quarterly or annually based on your state and volume.

Because you are a sole proprietor you will pay your “payroll tax” which is really income tax on your end of year income tax return. You are not required to cut yourself a paycheck and do a w-2 and all that. Your CPA will probably recommend paying quarterly estimates once your company is in the black though.

No if all of my assumptions were incorrect, then there is quite a bit more you will need to do. So if that is the case I would recommend posting with a bit more detail.

Congratulations again!

Best of luck,

Yes you will need to collect sales tax from your customers. How much depends on the city you are in (Minneapolis, at least parts of it, are at a 7.775% rate). You will most likely be paying this in on a quarterly basis - January-March would be paid in April by the 20th and so on with the rest of the year. Look online at Mnrevenueservices.com