What is a good ladder for gutter cleaning

Hi, i have just ordered me a gutter cleaning kit online. Now all i need is a ladder. But there is one problem. I don’t have a truck, so it makes it more difficult for me to have a ladder. I have a Jeep Cherokee, i was wandering which ladder would you recommend.

I have heard of the little giant ladder, but the highest extension lenght i saw for it was 23 feet. I heard that you need at least a 24 feet ladder to clean gutters for two story homes. I will need a ladder that will be able to fit in or be on my jeep.

A Cherokee can handle any ladder.

I use a 22’ LG knockoff for some gutter work; a 24’ or 28’ for some gutter work for some; and an 8’ stepladder for some.

If you clean from an extension ladder, you’ll need a standoff. I recommend a Werner 97P.

I also clean gutters while walking the roof, with either a backpack blower or a scoop.

Sectional “stack” ladders. When I first started cleaning windows 6 years ago they fit in my 1990 chevy lumina. And with 4 1/2 pieces you can reach any 2 story gutter. They actually sell them here at wcr. Make sure to get adjustable leg levelers. And you may want to get a stand off so you’re not scratching up the gutter. You could also tape your bunched up towels on the part of the ladder that sits against the house to get around using the stand off. Good luck with the business! Oh yea, and don’t let the price get to you, if you market your business accurately they wil pay for themselves in no time.I think about $1000 for 4 1/2 pieces with the levelers.

Sorry for reposting some of your info, we both chimed in at the same time lol.

I don’t plan on walking on the roof anytime soon, i am just going to use the scoop method. So a 28’ ladder should be able to fit on top of a Jeep Cherokee, i might just go with 28’ feet ladder and the 8’ step ladder. I will also need a standoff, the Werner 97p looks great. Does the stabilizer prevent the ladder from shaking much, i haven’t used one. I would like to feel safe while being on the ladder.

That is out of my budget, i was only planning on spending around 500 dollars total for all my equipment. I might just buy the sectional ladders later on.

I carried extension ladders on my Cherokee for 2-3 years when I first started.

I like the Little Giant 17 foot ladder for one story work with a Ladder Max for the stabilizer. You will need to add some t brackets to the ladder max so it will fit the Little Giant Ladder rungs. I use this system along with both a 24 and 32 ft Louisville extension ladders. The Little Giant ladder is very versatile and can also be used as an A frame ladder or on stairs. I have complete confidence in this set of equipment because they are strong and well made.

What everyone on here said was great advice.

My only bit is this: I had a LG knock-off (17’) and it was great as a convertable ladder that I found for $80 - Both A-frame and extension in one. The problem - It was HEAVY! To take it down from my van on every job and lug around the house got to be a bit much - especially since I used it as an extension ladder 85% of the time.

I’ve now migrated to a light weight 14’ aluminum ladder and a fiberglass 6’ A-Frame. I also carry a 24’ and 32’ - All with leg levelers (even installed little levels) and stand-offs.

When I need to I put A 28footer on my Saturn Vue. It looks just a little bit out of place but if i can get by with it on a Saturn Vue I think you will be fine with a Jeep. Stand Offs are a must JMO. Good Luck

How large where the ladders that you carried on your Cherokee.

I know the Little Giant ladder is a good verstiale ladder, i just wish the extension height was a little longer. So with the Little Giant ladder, you will still need to buy an 24 or 32 ft ladder.

I know it may look a little out of place, but if it gets the job done i can’t complain. The Saturn Vue is kinda similar to a jeep. The Standoffs are important, i won’t be getting on the ladder unless i have a standoff. But isn’t there like a standoff you can put underneath the ladder, i saw it online somewhere before

I carried both a 24’ and 28’. Occasionally, I carried a 32’ and 24’.

Ok, well my jeep should be able to carry a 32’ ladder then. Now i just need to go shopping for a fiberglass ladder, i hope i can find a good deal around here.

Check craigslist…you can find ladders that were used once all the time.

I just found a set of five and a half sectionals for $450 on Craigslist last weekend. Keep your eyes open and you’ll find good deals.

dont ever buy a cheap ladder or a “knock-off”, you are worth the extra few bucks!

there are laws about how far an object can hang over the edge of your vehicle…3’ max…i think?

Buy red flags.

My personal feeling is whatever ladder you buy, don’t get a lightweight. Get a Type 1A (rated for 300 pounds) or better. It will cost more but will be noticably sturdier and just feel safe. You don’t want to be playing games when you’re using it often.

I buoght the BullHorn Standoffs from Home Depo. They are great & easy to take on & Off